3 Pieces Of Advice From Your Real Estate Agent You Should Take Seriously


One of the first steps of selling a house involves calling a real estate agent to schedule a home consultation visit. During this visit, the agent may give you advice about selling your house, and here are three pieces of advice you may receive during this initial visit.

The price you ask for your house

The price you ask for your home can help you sell it or can hinder your sale, and real estate agents are great at helping sellers set asking prices that are fair and reasonable. If you think your house is worth a lot more than the agent is recommending, you could always ask the agent why he or she feels this way. You could also hire an appraiser to let you know what the value of your house is at this time.

The work you should do to your home before showing it

The agent is also likely to give you advice about what work you should do to your home before you start showing it. Agents know what buyers look for and look at when viewing homes, and they also know what turns off buyers. A good agent will be up front with you when it comes to these types of things and will tell you some advice about what to do. Here are some common suggestions agents offer:

  • Get the yard cleaned up to improve curb appeal
  • Clear out clutter in your home and remove most of your family photos
  • Repaint the entire house
  • Replace dim light bulbs with ones that are brighter

As the agent makes suggestions, you may want to write them down and begin working on them right away.

The best way to treat home defects

If your home has any major defects, your agent will explain that these must be revealed when you fill out a full-disclosure form. The agent may also recommend fixing the major defects and having receipts and invoices handy to show prospective buyers. If you make the repairs, there may even be a warranty on the services that is transferable to the buyers of the house, and this is a great selling point.

Selling a house is much easier to do if you hire a real estate agent for help. The agent you hire will not only help locate buyers for your house, but he or she will also give you great advice you should take seriously.


14 April 2017

An Unplanned Move

Have you recently found out you’ll soon be moving to a new location? Perhaps, your employer is transferring you to another branch of the company in a different city. Or, you may need to move near a family member in order to take care of him or her. Regardless of your unique situation, you might worry you won’t be able to find a wonderful place to live in your new city on your own. Consider hiring a reputable real estate agent to help you with your house search. This professional should have in-depth knowledge about your new area. On this blog, I hope you will discover the many advantages of hiring a real estate agent during an unplanned move. Enjoy!