4 Questions To Ask The Seller When Buying A House


Before you put in an offer for a home, you may want to look at the home several times just to make sure it meets your needs and expectations. Some agents recommend scheduling a visit with the sellers of the house during the third or fourth visit to a home. The purpose of this is to have the opportunity to ask the sellers questions about the house, and here are several questions you may want to ask if you are extremely interested in buying one particular house.

Why Are You Selling Your House?

Asking the owners of the house why they are selling is always a good way to start the conversation, and it may help reveal insight about the house or the situation. You might learn that the home is too big or small for them, or that the home's location is not meeting their needs. You might sense sadness from them if they love their home, or you might sense that they are excited to move and get into a new house. If the home has some problems, they might even tell you that they are moving because the house needs too much work.

What Features Of Your Home Do You Like The Best?

Everyone loves certain features of their homes and asking what features they like best can also reveal some new information to you about this house. When they describe the things they like, you may find that these things are features you hadn't even noticed. For example, they may have loved the morning sunshine that came through a certain window in the house. They may also describe the room in the house they like best, or a special type of feature in one area that they absolutely love.

How Do You Like The Neighborhood?

You may also be able to learn some things about the house by asking about the neighborhood. You can ask them if the area is quiet, busy, noisy, or safe, and you can listen to the way they respond to learn more. Finding out these answers is also easier to do if you drive through the neighborhood at different times of the day.

What Repairs Have You Made In The Past Few Years?

Asking what repairs have been made may also help you learn more about the house you are about to buy. This can help you learn what repairs you most likely will not need to do, and you may learn about some repairs the house may need in the near future.

Asking these questions to the home seller may offer more insight and information about the house you want to buy. To learn more about buying a house, contact a real estate agent, like one from RE/MAX Integrity, today.


14 April 2017

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