Purchasing A Mountain Home? Three Things To Consider


A luxury mountain home is a dream for many. Gorgeous views, plenty of places to hike, and the great outdoors are a draw for many. For those who decide to make this dream a reality, it can be more difficult than expected to find the home of their dreams. There are a lot of things to consider when looking for luxury mountain homes for sale. Here are three things that future owners of a mountain home should look into before making their purchase.


The cost of any home is dependent on a variety of factors including size, location, and the quality of construction. Simply building a luxury home can cost anywhere from $175 to more than $800 per square foot on average. What many do not realize is that luxury mountain homes may have additional expenses that other types of luxury homes do not have. Rebuilding a mountain home after a disaster can be difficult and expensive, especially if it's remote. This means higher insurance costs and in some cases it may be difficult to get home insurance at all. Higher maintenance and insurance costs should be factored in to the budget when purchasing a mountain home. 


Another thing to consider when purchasing a luxury mountain home is access. One of the perks of living in the mountains is being able to fully experience the natural surroundings. However, in order to do this fully many mountain homes are bordering the wilderness. This means that they are often quite far from main roads. In many areas this means it can take over half an hour just to get to the nearest grocery store. Longer commutes are often something that comes with mountain living. Homeowners may also find that their vehicles aren't suited to mountain roads. These things should be consider before purchasing a mountain home.

Natural Disasters Are More Common

Snow storms, wildfires, and flooding are all more common in the mountains. Any luxury home should be prepared to deal with these issues. Making sure that the home has generators, the ability to store extra water, and propane for cooking is a must. Power outages lasting more than a few days are more common in mountain areas. Additional insurance for fire and floods will also likely be required. When looking at luxury mountain homes it's important to determine which natural disasters may affect the home and whether or not some of the risks can be mitigated.

Purchasing a luxury mountain home offers plenty of benefits. These homes allow the owners to connect to nature. They also come with some challenges. Before purchasing it's important to consider the additional maintenance and insurance costs. Access is also important. Some mountain homes are far from main roads making running errands and commuting potentially difficult and time consuming. Natural disasters are also more common in mountain areas. 


14 April 2017

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