Thinking Of Becoming A Realtor? Here's How To Get Started


If you like working with people, have experience in sales, and desire a career that offers a lot of independence, then you may be considering becoming a realtor. With the right approach and education, you can be quite successful. However, you'll want to follow these steps to get started on the right track.

Find a mentor or advisor.

Before you spend time and money getting your license, you want to make sure that selling real estate is actually right for you. So, reach out to your circle of friends and relatives to find someone else who is a realtor. Ask them if you can shadow them in their job for a few days. During this time, ask a lot of questions, not only about what they are doing, but about how they like their job, what hours they work, and how they became successful.

Set up a backup income.

Most people don't immediately start making money when they sell real estate. It will take you a year or two to learn the ropes and start making regular sales. So, you'll want to find another way to supplement your income at first. Ideally, you should do something that will allow you to further your knowledge of homes and the market while you're on the job. Is there a contractor in the area who needs an assistant? Does the local mortgage loan company need a receptionist? Apply for anything and everything that comes with a steady paycheck and is somewhat related to real estate.

Take some classes.

Sure, you could study on your own and take the licensing exam. However, most people find that they learn a lot more if they take real estate classes before taking their licensing exams. When you take actual classes, you can ask an instructor questions to learn more. You'll also meet others in the area who are interested in real estate, and these people could be valuable connections to have later on as you build your network and career.

If you're struggling to find real estate classes in your area, reach out to a local realty office. They often provide training for people who are interested in taking their exams.

Take your exam.

After you've studied and are sure you know the material, it's time to schedule your exam! Call your state's Division of Licensing Services, or visit their website to get a list of exam dates in your area. In some jurisdictions, you may be able to take the exam online at your convenience. Expect there to be a fee associated with taking the exam.


18 April 2017

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