Tips For Protecting Your Buyer's Agent When Attending Open Houses And Model Homes


If you want to buy a house and would like to view open houses and model homes for sale, there are a few things you should understand if you have already selected a real estate agent to work with. The agent you choose will not charge you a fee for helping you find a house to buy, and this is because he or she will earn a fee from the seller of the house you end up purchasing. Because of this, it's important to understand what to do and not do when visiting open houses and model homes.

The Homes Will Have Agents There

When a person wants to sell his or her home and decides to have an open house, the agent of this person will usually be there during the open house, while the seller might not be. The purpose of this is for the agent to be present to talk to potential buyers. If the potential buyers come alone and do not have a real estate agent hired, the agent that is at the open house could become their agent too. If this happens, the agent will earn a larger commission if the house sells, simply because the agent will receive commission for helping the buyer and the seller in the deal.

Model homes also typically have agents present, and these agents too will earn commissions if people visit the homes and end up buying them.

You Should Bring Your Agent With Or Let Them Know You Have An Agent

If you already have an agent that you have selected and hired to help you find a house to buy, you may want to bring him or her with when visiting model homes. By doing this, you can show that you already have a buyer's agent, and your agent will be the one who receives a commission if you buy the house.

If you fail to bring your agent with or do not reveal that you have one, your agent could lose out on his or her commission if you buy one of the homes you view.

There are rules in real estate when it comes to hiring agents to help you buy or sell homes, and you must remember that a buyer's agent will not earn any money unless the client actually buys a house and closes on it.

If you have questions about how this works or would like to begin looking at homes, contact a real estate agency to choose an agent to help you with this.


27 April 2017

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