The Difference Between Private And Open Office Spaces


When it comes to renting office space, there are many options that you need to consider so that you ultimately choose office space that works best for your company and employees. The two major differences between office spaces would be private office space and open office space. Here are the differences between the both:

Private Office Space:

Private office space is ideal for companies that have employees who handle sensitive information in their day-to-day work. If you have employees who are taking phone calls with clients, the you may want to consider office space that is separated by cubicles or walls so that your employees have more privacy. This is also ideal if customers come into your office and discuss confidential information with your employees. This also keeps your employees productive in their own work since there are less distractions to deal with during the day. However, this is not ideal in a work environment that requires a lot of cooperation between employees to get work projects done. In this situation, you may want to consider open office space. 

Open Office Space:

Open office space should be considered if you have a work environment in which your employees need to collaborate on projects. If your employees are constantly having to leave their own office space to talk with other employees, it can lower production significantly. The other benefit of this that most office managers do not often realize is that it lowers office costs. This is because without the addition of cubicles and walls, energy costs are lower since it won't take as much energy to cool the space. On top of this, you don't have to utilize as much lighting and you can save a ton of money on furniture, as well since some employees can share a large desk space if they have similar job tasks they work on together. 

Other Considerations:

When you start looking for office space, keep your choice of office space in mind. If you want private office space, you want to choose office spacing to lease that is large so that cubicles can fit without having to minimize the amount of space each employee has to spread out their work. If you want open office space leasing, then don't choose anything too large that can make the wasted space start to feel overwhelming. 

When you know the major differences between the two, it can easily help you minimize you options when looking for office space to lease. 


4 May 2017

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