Three Ways That An Attentive Property Manager Keeps Residents Safe


A property manager performs a long list of services that can keep his or her residential building running smoothly. Things such as signing up new tenants, arranging contractors to perform work in units or in common areas, and even working on marketing can all be elements of a property manager's daily duties. Any good property manager will also play a role in keeping the residents of the building safe. He or she can do so in a number of ways, including the following.

Ensuring That The Security Infrastructure Is Functional

Residents of the building rely on the building's security infrastructure to keep them safe from a variety of threats, so any good property manager should always be inspecting and assessing these elements. For example, the property manager should frequently check the building's exterior doors to ensure that they lock upon closing; if a resident reports a door not locking, the property manager should have the problem fixed promptly. Similarly, the property manager should ensure that each of the building's security cameras is operating and that what each camera records is being saved on a hard drive. Finally, the property manager should hire the right contractors to test smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, as well as oversee regular fire drills.

Hiring Appropriate Security Personnel

Many residential buildings aren't staffed with security officers, but an attentive property manager may feel that one or more security officers may be an asset. Perhaps there has been an assault in the area or some vehicle break-ins. The property manager will want to talk to his or her superiors to suggest hiring security staff. Upon receiving the approval to do so, the manager can find the right security company that can assign guards to keep the building's residents feeling safe in and around where they live.

Identifying And Rectifying Potential Threats

Any conscientious property manager should always be alert to potential threats — both by looking for them while walking around the building and the property and by connecting with residents to listen to their concerns. Sometimes, a threat can seem mild. For example, a leaky pipe overhead might call for a plumber, but a good property manager will also note that the spilled water could make the floor slippery and cause a resident to fall and get hurt. In such a case, the property manager should put up appropriate signage, as well as remove the water.


23 August 2017

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