What Type Of Single-Family House To Shop For When You Hate Yard Work


The house with a white picket fence, green grass, and roses growing in the garden isn't everyone's ideal dream home. If you're among those who aren't jazzed about spending your weekends mowing the lawn and weeding flower beds, don't get discouraged when you start shopping for a new house. Yes, big yards, big lots and even acreage are key selling points for many of the properties you'll see when you start browsing. But when maintaining that kind of property doesn't suit your lifestyle, an experienced real estate professional can help you find the perfect solution.

In your first conversation with the real estate agent, mention your preference for a property that requires minimal yard work. Along with details about your budget and the architectural styles you like, this piece of information can save both you and the agent a lot of time looking at places that may be beautiful, but require leaf raking, watering, mowing and other outdoor maintenance tasks. Keep an open mind, though. There may be properties where the landscaping can easily be modified to suit your specifications without busting the budget.

Several types of properties that fit your vision of a dream home include:

Planned Unit Developments

The real estate lingo for this type of housing is "PUD" and in addition to detached, single-family homes the development may have condominiums on-site. Some PUDs even have retail shops and restaurants as part of the mix of buildings in the community. The legal structure is a hybrid of a condo association and a home owners association. You own the house, you pay fees to the association, and the association takes care of details ranging from trash disposal to security and common area landscape care. Some PUDs also include taking care of each home's front and back yards. Many have amenities that include a club house, pool, play areas and park like settings where you can relax in comfort.

Along with the amenities there are typically some restrictions such as limitations on pet ownership, parking and what type of changes, if any, you can make to your home's exterior. Your agent can guide you through the details, and you'll also want to talk with your mortgage lender about any financial implications before you make an offer.

Downtown Properties

Houses closest to city centers tend to be on smaller lots than those out in suburbs. That doesn't mean that the houses themselves are necessarily smaller, but the home's footprint does tend to take up more of the square footage leaving little room for big yards. If you love older homes with a lot of character, downtown is a great place to start your house hunt. Depending on the number of homes available at the time of your search, you could expect to look at houses that range from newly remodeled to those that require significant upgrades. You may even find brand new houses on lots that have been vacant or recently cleared for construction. In many downtown areas you'll enjoy the convenience of nearby shopping, parks and entertainment.

Innovative Landscaping

Modern trends in landscaping make some homes on larger lots a dream for anyone who does not want to do outdoor maintenance. Xeriscaping, for instance, uses only plants that require little water to accent open spaces with stone surfaces. The nominal required care is handled by an automated, barely visible watering system and occasional, seasonal visits by a landscape services company. You may also ask your real estate agent to show you homes that are positioned on a lot in a way that leaves only a small front yard area that looks great with stone or decorative concrete paving. Paired with a backyard that has a large patio or deck instead of a big lawn, this type of house could fulfill all your homeowner dreams.


5 October 2017

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