3 Ways To Sell A Property In Spite Of Its Dismal History


When people are on the search for a house that they will eventually call home, they will be examining several aspects about the property, including the home's history. Unfortunately, if a buyer discovers that a house for sale has been the setting of a violent crime, they are often immediately turned off of the property. Whether it is bad vibes, paranormal superstitions, or just the negative association that turns buyers off, this is something that can make selling a home a bit of a challenge as the owner. Here is a look at some of the things you can do to sell your property, even if it has been the site of a violent crime. 

Wait a while before you put the property on the market. 

When a violent crime happens, it is all over the local news. The event is fresh in the minds of the people in the community, some of whom may be in the market for a new home. Instead of trying to sell a house right after such an event has taken place, give it a little time. The longer you can wait after the date of the event, the more likely it will be that prospective buyers will not still have the incident fresh in their minds. 

Change the outward appearance of the home. 

A house that has been in the news will be widely recognized, especially if the crime that took place was especially horrific. Therefore, just the outer look of the house can make it more difficult to advertise, market, and sell your home. One thing you can do to better your chances of selling the property is to give it a facelift so its appearance is no longer as easy to associate with the event that took place. For example, you could change up the landscaping, have new siding installed, or even swap out telling features like custom windows or the front porch.

Choose to market your home for what it is. 

In severe cases, a violent crime in a home can be so notorious that there is no way to get away from its dark history as a seller. If this is the case, you may choose to go a totally different route and market the home as what it is: the scene of a well-known crime. Believe it or not, there is a group of buyers who are interested and fascinated with these properties. In some cases, the home may even be purchased by a group who plans to use the home for business profit as a tourist attraction. 


8 November 2017

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