Three Things To Ask Your Realtor To Include To Make A Unique Home Listing


Reading through home listings can sometimes be monotonous. One of the ways that you will attract more buyers to an open house or to put an offer in on your home is to make a unique listing. Unique listings that are fun to read, paired with a home that has a lot of interior and exterior appeal means that your home may fly off the market. If you want a unique listing created for your home, here are three things to ask your realtor to include for sure. 

What kind of setup the backyard can have

Though you want the bones of the home to speak for itself, you can also give potential buyers ideas on how space can be utilized. For instance, if you have a backyard, you can emphasize how baseball games can be played because of the size of the yard. You can also boast that the yard is large enough to install an Olympic sized swimming pool and still have some space for the pets to run around. Acknowledging the size of a large back and front yard will bring in buyers who appreciate space. 

Talk about how your house is different

Everyone home has something that makes it unique from the neighbor's house. Whether you have an updated bathroom, a smart kitchen, or your two-story foyer has more light, your home is different than the neighboring homes. Put the selling point of your home inside of your unique listing to let buyers know how you are different from the neighborhood comparables. A good realtor will look up neighborhood comparable homes and their selling prices before advising their buyers on making an offer. Letting potential buyers know how your home has its own selling point will give your home a boost in the comparable's department. 

Let buyers know how sad you are to leave

Some buyers will wonder why others are letting go of their home. To add a unique flair to your personal home listing, add a sentence on how you will miss your home or how you are sad to be moving on from the space. This will alleviate the wonder that there is something wrong with the home in the mind of the buyer. It will also be different from your average listing that does not often talk about the seller and the fact that they loved their old home. Knowing that the home will be missed makes it seem like the perfect house deal to pick up.  


14 December 2017

An Unplanned Move

Have you recently found out you’ll soon be moving to a new location? Perhaps, your employer is transferring you to another branch of the company in a different city. Or, you may need to move near a family member in order to take care of him or her. Regardless of your unique situation, you might worry you won’t be able to find a wonderful place to live in your new city on your own. Consider hiring a reputable real estate agent to help you with your house search. This professional should have in-depth knowledge about your new area. On this blog, I hope you will discover the many advantages of hiring a real estate agent during an unplanned move. Enjoy!