What Can You Do If Your House Will Not Sell?


When you initially list your home for sale, you might have high hopes that you will sell it quickly. If a few months go by and you still do not have a buyer, you might start worrying. At this point, you might want to talk to your real estate agent about this problem. Your agent can provide tips and advice, and here are several things to know if you are in this position.

Change the Price

When you hire a real estate agent, they will suggest things to you. One thing they will suggest is an asking price. When your agent recommended an asking price, did you listen? While many sellers take this advice and base their prices on the recommended price, others feel their homes are worth more. As a result, many homeowners set asking prices that are higher than the recommended amounts. If you set a price that was higher than your agent suggested, you might find a buyer if you reduce the price. Homes tend to sell quickly when the sellers price them right.

Modify the Home

The second thing you can do is make changes to the home. After having your home on the market for a few months, you probably have feedback from people who viewed it. If you have not yet read the feedback, now is a good time to read it. The feedback from potential buyers can reveal changes you should consider making in your home. If your home needs some work, the feedback will reveal it. Making the necessary changes to your home might cost some money, but it could also impact your ability to sell your house. Ask your agent what they think about this, and then follow the agent's advice.

Sell It on Contract

If you follow the first two tips and still cannot find a buyer, your agent might suggest selling it on contract. Another name for this is selling through a lease to own deal. When you sell in this way, you keep ownership rights of the house and the mortgage. A person buys your house by renting it first. They give you a down payment and make monthly payments. After five or ten years, they get a loan and pay you the balance they owe.

There are options when you cannot sell a house. If you need assistance or advice, talk to a local real estate agent.


20 October 2020

An Unplanned Move

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