Smart Tips For Buying A Home With Maximum Resale Potential


As a prospective buyer, you probably spend a significant amount of time looking at residential property listings in the areas where you might like to live. However, the many styles, layouts, and features can make even the most dedicated home buyer feel a bit confused and uncertain. 

Since most people move several times during their lives, prospective buyers may want to alter their selection criteria to focus more on resale potential than specific features. If you are currently searching for a home to purchase, the following tips will help you understand which homes are likely to have the best resale value in the years to come. 


While the setting of any home is subject to change depending on what other landowners do, prospective buyers who choose homes with larger lots or those that have buffer zones around them in the form of parks and green spaces are more likely to enjoy good resale potential in the future. In contrast, homes that are located close to busy streets, manufacturing or industrial complexes, rail lines, or airports are much less likely to hold their value or appeal to buyers in the years to come. 


Even buyers with no school-age children should carefully consider school districts when looking at homes for sale. Purchasing a home in a sought-after school district is an excellent way to ensure that the potential for resale will remain strong, should the buyer choose to sell the home later in life. 

Like good school districts, buyers also actively look for homes located within an easy commute of major, stable employers. Some examples of stable employers that are likely to still be in business several years from now include: 

  • major hospitals and medical care complexes
  • universities and colleges 
  • military bases 
  • major, well-known employers in technology and manufacturing.


The interior of the home also plays a key role in how well the home appeals to buyers today and those who may consider it a decade from now. Since available space for both comfortable living and storage is a perennial favorite with buyers, choosing a home with ample storage spaces, including closets, cupboards and shelving, is a smart plan. 

Plenty of storage, along with comfortable, generously sized bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas, will help to ensure that the home you find comfortable today will still be attractive to prospective buyers in the future. 

Buyers who want to learn more about selecting a home that works well for them now while also offering good resale value in the future can do so by discussing their housing goals with a caring, experienced real estate professional. 


13 July 2021

An Unplanned Move

Have you recently found out you’ll soon be moving to a new location? Perhaps, your employer is transferring you to another branch of the company in a different city. Or, you may need to move near a family member in order to take care of him or her. Regardless of your unique situation, you might worry you won’t be able to find a wonderful place to live in your new city on your own. Consider hiring a reputable real estate agent to help you with your house search. This professional should have in-depth knowledge about your new area. On this blog, I hope you will discover the many advantages of hiring a real estate agent during an unplanned move. Enjoy!